our delicacies

Back to nature, with this pay-off under the “I BiO” brand, we wanted to represent the hard work to re-start the production of a farm re-born after the generational change. From this strong commitment a number of a high quality organic food products were created, thinking to those whose look to "return to the nature" of flavors.

Noisé hazelnuts "amaretti"

We are organic hazelnuts producers, Tonda Gentile trilobata variety, withoum we make sweet, soft and tasty treats, named noisè, and to describe them that at the best we applied a pay off wich says: "Buonissimi col caffè, buonissimi sempre" - "Delicious with coffee, delicious every moment".

legumes pasta

We chose to innovate producing organic legumes withoum we make highly proteinaceous and gluten free pasta, for a modern alimentation oriented to wellness

traditional pasta

Produced with organic grain, italian pasta became the most popular food in the world. A single taste of this pasta will have you to figure out the reason of "Made in Italy" succeed in cookery.