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The evolution of relationships, experience and skills are the basis of the offers of services and products destined to a Middle Eastern foreign market with a preference for the Iraqi Kurdish market. The collaboration with companies operating in export has created a portfolio of offers in various sectors, as well as in projecting and realisation of greate projects.

Looking for specific products

We will find for you the best companies or brands you need to develop your business, selected according to our highest reliability and quality standards. 

Looking for production

Just explain us what does your production plan like, and we will identify the best solution in terms of plants construction projects to enable you to produce exactly the product you wish to sell.

Looking for systems

We allow you to evolve with new technologies also supporting your goals in finding offers or companies able to design for you new technologies' projects. Our fields of action are in particular solar plants (photovoltaic), organization management softwares, infrastructure's management systems (fire protection, security, etc.).