Our portfolio is based upon a business survey aimed at assessing the most palatable needs for the Iraqi and Kurdistan market. Additional business solutions maybe identified according to the customer business's vision. Our ultimate goal is to be recognized as the ambassador of the most reliable Italian firms, matching the finest Italian quality and creativity with customers business's ideas.


Italian brands

Top Italian Wholesaler. 1,5 Million Products.

Operating in the fashion industry since the 80's, we are today of the top italian wholesalers of international fashion brands, supplying clients worldwide with clothing and accessories form top brands like Versace, Vacalli, Trussardi, Byblos, VDP, Billionaire. With more than 1,5 million products of the best brands available in our warehouses and a top-noch logistics of 13.500 wquare meters, we are able to supply high quantities of goods and ship to any destination in the shortest time

submersible pumps

PANELLI is the reference point in the design, construction and assistance of large production lines: electric pumps for clear water (submersible pumps from 4 "to 12", submersible retractable motors from 0.5 HP to 200 HP and surface pumps) and electropumps for dirty water (sewage and drainage pumps). The continuous research and constant development have led to the creation of products that are competitive in quality and in price.

wines and grappa

Wine growers in Cupramontana since 1959, a group that believes in itself and is devoted to quality and excellence, with a strong passion for wine growing and wines.

Climate system technology

The corporate strategic vision is more and more focused on R&D in various areas of business: heating, conditioning, sanitary and renewable energies. While preserving its industrial identity, gained in 70 years of experience, the Group had the ability to gradually reinvent itself as a supplier of systems and solutions.

cosmetic, toiletry and perfumery

Weruska & Joel, whose name was inspired by Weruska Paplowa, a famous top model and beauty icon of the 70’s, was born by the brilliant intuition of its founder Ugo Paci, who led to the general public of the new born modern distribution, products for personal hygiene and perfumery, first confined in a more restricted and exclusive environment. 

espresso machines

Rocket Espresso produces the finest espresso machines in the tradition of ‘Fatto a Mano’ translated to, ‘made by hand’.

Our small team of craftsmen produce both premium domestic and commercial espresso machines, beautifully made with meticulous care and attention to detail.


A perfect symbiosis, a strong union between man and Nature where each stage is supported by an experienced oenological practice that allows the glass to become a veritable poetry of the senses: balance, immediacy, depth, preciousness.

woman bags

The decades of experience of artisan and the desired value of Made in Italy tells the story of the brand.

The inspiration and the functionality drive the creations. The delicate and experienced materials, forms and colors give life and soul to the timeless collection: 

plants for drying fruits and vegetables

Founded in the most agriculturally productive part of the Puglia region, Tecnofrutta is now one of the most avant-garde companies when it comes to designing and building machinery and equipment for the fruit and vegetable processing and preservation industry.

italian top quality coffee

The Jamaica Coffee Corporation srl, an Italian coffee-roasting , is proud to present the coffee blends or Essences of its “Purissimi” line.

The history of this Company has its roots in distant lands. In fact, its major thrust comes from the great love that its founders have for the quality of Arabica and especially Jamaican coffee varieties.

Cassettes for collection

The cassettes Pucci is thought for satisfying the demands of the consumers and the technicians. Innovative products, completely realized in Italy according to the most elevated technological, functional and aesthetical standards of the contemporary bath


Two lines, two styles: Justmine and Feeling. Thoughtlessness and color in Justmine and elegance and style for Feeling, both declined for emphasizing the femininity. And a line Justmine Easy to Wear, to wear out also Justmine of the beach.

custom furnishings

The Famar is born in 1964 to Alexandria, operating in collaboration with planners and technical studies, you/he/she has always proposed material to the state-of-the-art one.

This has allowed the firm to acquire specific knowledges in the sector of the housebuilding and the furnishings and of power so in the years to realize projects and jobs of prestige both for aesthetical taste and for quality, from the finishes of the insides to the complete restructurings of buildings.

A Venetian story since 1918

The Veneto Region has an antique wine tradition and, the Vineyard coltivation, still a trade handed down from father to son. Our Company boasts antic traditions in the wine field, founded in 1918 

wedding dresses

Light and graceful, the main pieces of the Vision line are characterized by their multiple forms. They are dedicated to the free woman who wants to be true to herself first. Georgette, voile, feather-light silk tulle. Macramé, valenciennes, and rebrodes laces embellish the structured bodies. Skirts are full and ethereal. The predominant colors are all shades of white, cream and ivory nuances.

plants for sweet production

Erreci designs and manufactures systems and lines for the production of sweets for the solution of the most complex production needs, is able to offer automatic rolling lines with different technical configurations for a continuous production of puff pastry, yeast and danish. It is therefore no coincidence that the leading companies in the confectionery and bakery products sector have entrusted Erreci with the experience, a company with avant-garde ideas,

bio pasta

Pasta of dawn shares the love for the biological food and for a healthy feeding for a long time.

It is so that first subjects of great quality and the mastery in the workmanship give life to an unique product and appreciated that it strikes for its intense taste.Pasta done to hand with biological flours, integral cereals, ancient wheats, without gluten and vegetables


For four generations our family has been producing taps and mixer with care.

The beginnings of the Co. stretch as far back as 1921 when the grandfather of the present owners  from mother side founded his first small Co. since then the family history has been strictly connected with that of the company.

furnishings cafe restaurants

Over 30 years of experience I am the visit ticket of Astor, active firm in the world of the commercial furnishings since the beginnings of the years '70.

Quality', innovation, refinement; they are these the distinctive characteristics of the product Astor.

decorations and paintings

It's more than 20 years that SAIF Srl operates in the buisness of designing and producing decorative paints, coats, enamels for the construction.

SAIF products are today shared with 22 different countries: Far East, North America, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Eastern europe countried included.


Today my distillates are present in the places and more famous enoteche, from Japan in America, from the Hawaii in Korea, from China to Head North; the clients are those prestigious firms that represent the good one to drink made in Italy in the world.

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